Company Overview

Today there are more things connected to the Internet than there are people in the world. In the very near future, all kind of devices — some not yet even imagined — will connect to something or someone else. Cisco estimates that there were about 200 million things connected to the Internet in 2000, but that number has increased to approximately 10 billion today. At GainSpan, we’re leading the next wave in this “Internet of Things” — helping change the way we work, live, play and learn.

Since opening our doors in 2006, we’ve been designing and marketing wireless solutions for the low power, high performance embedded devices that are powering the world around us and enabling the Internet of Things. We were the first to optimize power consumption of Wi-Fi chips and apply advanced power management techniques to target long battery life applications – and opened the floodgates to new possibilities for connecting things.

A spin-off of Intel and privately-owned, we're well-funded by some of the world's leading venture firms, including Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, Opus Capital, OVP Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, Camp Ventures, Hatteras Funds, Mobile Internet Capital and Zebra Technologies

Our claim to fame is our ultra-low power chip technology and our rich integrated networking stack. Our low-power Wi-Fi uses so little power that products can run for years on standard batteries. And our integrated stack, running on a secondary "network" processor, offloads WiFi services and networking functionalities from the host microcontroller. With this networking ability we're able to do something other companies can't — deliver a solution suitable for even the most processing and memory constrained MCUs. Customers can marry almost any 8-32-bit microcontroller to our solution and get Wi-Fi quickly, easily and at low cost. Nearly any device can now leverage the large installed base of Wi-Fi access points to connect to smartphones, the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure or to the Internet.

Our products address the market demand for low power and low cost Wi-Fi connectivity. We meet these demands through our ultra-low power Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/ZigBee IP chips and modules, suite of embedded and Serial to Wi-Fi software, as well as complete solutions and application development kits.

At the heart of our family is the low-power GS2000 family of chips, modules and application development kits. The GS2000 is the industry’s first chip to combine Wi-Fi and ZigBee IP on a single die. It extends IP connectivity everywhere, making possible a whole new class of battery or line-powered connected devices.

In addition to our products, a number of device and module vendors offer solutions based on our technology. Our products are sold through both direct and indirect channels.

With our embedded Wi-Fi solutions, customers across a variety of industries can now develop a whole new class of Internet connected products. We are focused on a number of key market segments: healthcare and fitness, smart energy, the Connected Home, industrial/building automation and high speed consumer applications such as audio and video, security, and surveillance cameras.

The Internet of Things is growing dramatically. According to ABI Research, the number of "things" that will connect wirelessly to the Internet is expected to reach 17 billion by 2015 and over 30 billion by 2020. Considering there are an estimated 4 billion devices in the world now, mostly unconnected, this represents huge growth potential for the wireless connectivity market (and Wi-Fi in particular). We're positioned to take advantage of this growth, with solutions that dramatically simplify the process and reduce the cost of adding connectivity to new and existing applications.

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