Commercial Buildings Get "Intelligent" with Wi-Fi

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The commercial building sector includes office buildings, retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, universities, light industrial buildings, and research centers. Today, the market is undergoing sizable change as energy awareness and "green" building technology are taking the limelight from more mundane topics. Dubbed "building intelligence" the focus is now on improvements in building automation, energy management, and security in commercial buildings and extending IP connectivity all the way to the sensors.

This is understandable. An estimated 4.8 million commercial buildings in the U.S. alone consume 19 percent of the country's energy and emit 18 percent of its greenhouse gases. The biggest culprits -- lighting, heating and air conditioning!

To counteract these high usage trends, our Wi-Fi solutions help monitor and control lighting, temperature, and air quality, and potentially make automatic intelligent decisions about resource usage. They reduce energy consumption and related costs. And they deliver simultaneous improvements in tenant comfort and safety and give advance notice of potential hazards and failures, preventing costly downtime.

Our low power Wi-Fi solutions offer the convenience, simplicity and low installation cost of wireless while leveraging the expanding Wi-Fi infrastructure already available in many commercial buildings--a true energy and cost-efficient solution.

In addition to energy management, our Wi-Fi solutions solve another critical problem--the tracking of assets and people. Healthcare facilities, retailers, and manufacturers lose millions every year due to their limited ability to locate, re-locate and secure their valuable assets. Real time locating systems (RTLS) using wireless tags and software are currently being deployed to help minimize these losses.

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