GainSpan Consumer Applications

The Wi-Fi of Things:
Giving Consumers Control of the Home

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Over the years, there's been an explosion in popularity of Wi-Fi technology among consumers and home users. But now, Wi-Fi's growth in consumer applications is about to accelerate - particularly in the home.

Many consumer applications are enriched by Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi allows devices to interact with other devices within the existing IP infrastructure by sending and receiving commands or by retrieving information.

GainSpan low-power embedded Wi-Fi is a catalyst for wireless home automation. Our flexible and easy-to-use solutions build wireless intelligence capabilities into everyday devices. The net effect of our technology will result in homes being built or retrofitted to deliver smart, wireless capabilities that use various control devices and web hosted value added services.

For consumers, GainSpan Home Automation offers an affordable, reliable, expandable and easy way to control their lighting, heating and cooling, safety, and security in their homes or small offices.

Lighting, Heating and Cooling:

Upon entering the living room, a Wi-Fi-enabled sensor network detects your presence and turns on the lights to a pre-set lighting level for the time of day and opens or closes the motorized blinds. Walk up to the in-home display and find information about the house including temperature readings, safe CO2 levels, or reminders to open or close windows.

Home Security:

Homeowners can use wireless cameras to monitor inside their homes and detect or be alerted of intrusions from a remote location. Security devices can perform automatic notifications to security companies.

Home Safety:

Internet-enabled homes add the extra benefit of providing safety and protection for occupants and their assets through remote monitoring devices such as smoke detectors that trigger safety scenarios. When the wireless smoke detectors detect the fire, the HVAC immediately turns off to prevent smoke circulation.

Remote Home Controls:

Wi-Fi remotes free consumers from pointing remotes at devices. Wi-Fi remotes can download program guides from the Internet and notify consumers. Consumers can remotely configure the TV to record their favorite shows by a web browser, even when away from home. Wi-Fi could eventually lead to a universal device to control not only your TV, but also everything from your automatic window blinds to your thermostat -- and monitor how much energy you're using at the same time.

One thing is clear. Thanks to GainSpan Wi-Fi, the need to be tethered to wires and plugged into jacks has become less of an issue for consumers today and will be even less of one tomorrow.

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