Controlling Harsh Industrial Environments with Wi-Fi

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Today, many of our plants and factories are aging. More than ever, these facilities require a new class of devices that make it possible to monitor, control, detect faults and maximize security and minimize downtimes.

Wi-Fi is the ideal solution for these applications. By making it easy and low-cost to integrate Wi-Fi into existing systems, GainSpan makes it possible for more devices to connect to the Internet.

Wi-Fi connectivity brings comprehensive monitoring into reach by dramatically reducing the cost and complexity of accessing more measurement points. The reliability and simple installation and management of our Wi-Fi-enabled solutions lets engineers get the measurements they need, when they need them to improve productivity.

As plant infrastructure ages, equipment failures cause more and more unplanned downtime. Wi-Fi makes it economically feasible to monitor many more pieces of plant infrastructure - not just the few deemed critical.

While everyone understands the value of predictive maintenance, until now the challenge has been the sheer impracticality of installing wired sensors on every piece of aging infrastructure. Wi-Fi knocks down this barrier and makes possible widespread deployment of condition monitoring equipment.

With our industrial Wi-Fi solutions, devices not traditionally networked can be connected to the Internet and remotely monitored and controlled from a centralized location.

For example, aging pipelines and tanks are a major problem in the industry. Monitoring corrosion using manual processes is extremely costly, time consuming, and unreliable. A network of Wi-Fi corrosion sensors can be economically deployed to reliably identify issues before they become catastrophic failures.

Or take motor condition monitoring. A few simple measurements can provide an accurate picture of motor health. The challenge has not been taking measurements, but finding an economical way to reach motors scattered around a facility.

Here are just a few of the other industrial applications made possible with GainSpan low power Wi-Fi:

  • Wellhead monitoring
  • Substation monitoring
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring
  • pH monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Leak monitoring
  • Valve monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
Pressure Monitoring
Temperature Monitoring
Valve MonitoringC