Getting Smart About Energy With Wi-Fi

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So just what is "Smart energy?" It refers to actions and technologies used to improve the efficiency of energy consumption, enabling greener living and work environments.

We are playing a leading role in Smart Energy initiatives. Our goal: make it possible to easily monitor energy usage or control environment change. Monitoring and control helps deliver efficiency in consumption.

With our Smart Energy Wi-Fi, utilities and service providers, and their customers, have the power to directly communicate with thermostats, major appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, water heaters and every electric product in the home - the so-called Home Area Network. Such a network might link to the utilities Smart Meter, allowing consumers to monitor and manage their energy consumption in real time. Consumers could reduce utility bills with minimal effort and benefit from energy conservation incentives. Power companies could better manage peak demand.

Wi-Fi connectivity offers a highly standardized, secure and affordable means to make all this possible. For example:


With Internet connectivity, power companies can control and monitor thermostats from a remote location. Homeowners can control house temperatures before coming home - from anywhere at anytime ---locally with a simple handheld device or through a web page on a computer.


Low power Wi-Fi can make Internet-enabled appliances targeting energy efficiency a reality. These networked home appliances are wired to help consumers save energy and money. Consumers would have an easy way to monitor energy or water consumption from washers, dryers, dishwashers or refrigerators. Power companies can alert them when consumption cost is the lowest. Appliance manufacturers can run remote diagnostics to cut the cost of servicing appliances.


With Wi-Fi connectivity, companies can perform device management and verify efficiency in an HVAC system without having to send out a maintenance worker.

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