Keeping Healthy and Fit - Wi-Fi is the Prescription

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Telehealth and telecare are emerging trends reshaping the healthcare and fitness industries. Increased adoption of Wi-Fi - and Internet connectivity - is enabling remote health and wellness services on a wide scale. This offers new ways to help people of all ages live healthier, more independent lives at home rather than healthcare facilities while lowering healthcare costs.

At GainSpan, we've designed our Wi-Fi to offer secure, robust, battery-efficient Internet connectivity for remote monitoring of patient condition and activity at home or in healthcare facilities, while delivering the freedom of wireless. Solutions based on our technology can be used in homes, fitness centers, retirement communities, nursing homes and a variety of medical care facilities.

Our low power Wi-Fi solutions are designed to sense and monitor the health and well being of individuals in applications such as chronic disease management, personal wellness and fitness.

Chronic Diseases Management:

Diseases such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease and sleep disorders, in many cases, require health monitoring. A patient's vital signs (e.g. heart rate, temperature) and disease-specific indicators (e.g. blood pressure, blood glucose level, EKG) are monitored to determine anomalies and spot trends.

Personal Wellness Monitoring:

For the elderly, wellness monitoring can ensure safety. Whether living at home or an assisted living facility, monitoring devices can tell whether the elder is in bed, has left the house or has left the stove on. Elders with dementia or other diseases that reduce their ability to care for themselves can potentially avoid admission to skilled nursing facilities by using these devices.


Tracking fitness can increase well being. A number of parameters the individual wishes to monitor are recorded during his/her workout routine. For example, while running on a treadmill, the individual monitors his/her heart rate, temperature and blood oxygen level. This information is displayed on the treadmill's console.

There are a myriad of devices that can now leverage existing Wi-Fi networks in hospitals, clinics, gyms and homes for enhanced functionality. All can benefit from GainSpan embedded Wi-Fi - products such as:

  • Glucose meters
  • Heart-rate and blood pressure monitors
  • Oximeters
  • Patient and healthcare asset tracking devices
  • Speed, distance and cadence sensors
  • Foot pods and Pedometers
  • Exercise equipment
  • Weight and BMI scales

Wi-Fi holds the promise of more effective and lower-cost healthcare, as services traditionally delivered in a clinical setting become accessible in the home.

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