Markets: Wi-Fi Anywhere and Everywhere

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In the near term, you're likely to see it show up in commercial buildings where Wi-Fi equipped sensors will detect temperatures and initiate heating or cooling responses wirelessly. In the not-too-distant future, you could be using GainSpan embedded Wi-Fi to control the lights in your home, monitor your elderly parent's health or turn off your air conditioner during periods of peak energy use when no one's home.

Wi-Fi is emerging as the primary way devices gain Internet connectivity. Its ubiquity and billions of access points is allowing new product opportunities to become reality. Soon, an even broader array of devices will connect to the Internet, making possible new applications by allowing easy control, configuration and data collection of connected devices.

GainSpan is taking Wi-Fi where it's never gone before. By making it easy and low cost to integrate Wi-Fi into systems, GainSpan is making possible a world of new applications.

You won't believe what companies can do with GainSpan low power Wi-Fi:

Healthcare and Fitness:

Discover how solutions based on our technology connect clinicians to information and people, to help people live healthier, independent lives.

Smart Energy:

See how Wi-Fi can help customers monitor and manage energy consumption for improved efficiency.

Industrial Controls:

Learn how companies can leverage Wi-Fi technology to increase efficiency, improve safety and monitor conditions in every corner of the plant.

Commercial/Building Automation:

Find out how solutions based on our technology help manage lighting, heating, cooling and security - making any building "intelligent."


Explore how we make it possible for everyday devices to "talk" to each other, changing the way consumers think of controlling elements in their home -- and then connect to the Internet to enable remote access and control.