MCU Partner - Freescale

As a Freescale Connect Proven Partner, GainSpan is committed to support its customers with hardware and reference code for Freescale most popular microcontrollers, microprocessors and platforms.


2 Tower System modules are available for purchase on the Freescale Buy Direct or through Freescale distributors:

User Manual, Quick Start Guide , Lab Guide, board schematics, and software are available there

MCU Firmware

GainSpan provides drivers and reference code for the most popular Freescale microcontrollers including the ColdFire, ColdFire+, Kinetis and i.MX family. Requiring as little as 2 KB of RAM and 6 KB of Flash, the reference code may be used with the IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart Edition. Drivers are available for UART and SPI interface. Two versions of the reference code are available:

  • IP to Wi-Fi, which uses Freescale's MQX Real Time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS) powerful networking stack and services, running on the Freescale’s host MCU.
  • Serial to Wi-Fi, where the networking stack and services are running on the GainSpan chip or module and hence offloading the host microcontroller.

IP to Wi-Fi code is available for Coldfire and Kinetis MCU’s. Serial to Wi-Fi code is available for Kinetis K60. To download the reference code, please register on the GainSpan support portal

iOS/Android apps

GainSpan-Freescale Wi-Fi Sensor application is available for iOS on the Apple App Store. An Android version is also available on the GainSpan support portal. The Wi-Fi sensor application allows LEDs on the Freescale Tower system to be turned on/off using an iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet, and displays light intensity as controlled by a potentiometer on the Freescale Tower System as well as spatial orientation sensed by the sensors. Source code for these applications are available for purchase on GainSpan Online Store

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