MCU Partner - Freescale

As a Freescale Connect Proven Partner, GainSpan is committed to support its customers with hardware and reference code for Freescale's most popular microcontrollers, microprocessors and platforms.

Kinetis/Kinetis L Platforms

Freedom Wi-Fi Shield

GainSpan offers a GS2000 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Shield that can be mounted on a Freedom card and is compatible with the Arduino form factor. The shield is available with either the ultra-low power, high-speed GS2011M or GS2100M module.
  • Communicates with the Kinetis MCU through UART or high-speed SPI interfaces
  • Serial to Wi-Fi and IP to Wi-Fi (with MQX4.1) solutions are available

Tower System Peripheral Modules

GainSpan’s ultra-low power GS2011M Wi-Fi peripheral module is designed for the Tower System.
  • Certified GS2011M 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module
  • Small reference code running on Kinetis MCUs
  • Ease of connectivity through UART and SPI interfaces
  • Serial to Wi-Fi and IP to Wi-Fi (with MQX4.1)
Tower cards based on the GS1500M (802.11b/g/n) and GS1011M (802.11b) Wi-Fi module are also available and can be found on the Freescale site.

i.MX Platform

Wi-Fi SD Card for i.MX

GainSpan offers an SD card based on the ultra-low power GS2100M 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module. The SD card plugs into an i.MX6 Sabre board and interfaces through SDIO.
  • Offers both IP to Wi-Fi (stack running on i.MX) and Serial to Wi-Fi capabilities (stack running on GS2100M)
  • Application code runs on Linux on the i.MX.

MCU Firmware

To download the reference code, please register on the GainSpan support portal

iOS/Android apps

A GainSpan-Freescale Wi-Fi Sensor application is available for iOS on the Apple App Store. An Android version is also available on the GainSpan support portal. The Wi-Fi sensor application allows LEDs on the Freescale Freedom, Tower system, and i.MX development boards to be turned on/off using an iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet. Similarly, the status of sensors located on the development boards, such as a 3-axis, temperature, light sensors, can be sent through Wi-Fi and graphically displayed on the smartphone. Source code for these applications is available on the GainSpan support portal.

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