Cloud Partners in Embedded Wi-Fi


Exosite is focused on data monitoring and management for embedded devices. Our cloud data platform provides the tools to securely collect data from any remote source. We process and deliver filtered results to the end user - simply connect your device to our cloud data platform and begin receiving real time, actionable information anywhere, anytime, through powerful widgets on our website interface. Visit for more information.


Nabto offers a solution enabling users to access devices behind a firewall. The patented technology provides secure, encrypted communication to devices through firewalls, no matter where they are and how the are connected to the internet. Nabto provides a very simple way to address devices;, even when the device is moved from location to location and connected through different technologies, like LAN, GSM, GPRS, WIFI, etc. Visit for more information.

ThinkEco Inc.

ThinkEco Inc. is a leading provider of energy efficiency solutions for homes and businesses. Using our patented machine-to-machine cloud platform as the foundation, we create hardware, software, and mobile solutions customized for each customer. We also offer APIs through which partners can integrate their products into our platform. Furthermore, ThinkEco also designs and manages utility energy efficiency programs, for which ThinkEco will:

  1. Build custom technology solutions.
  2. Market to and recruit program customers.
  3. Run program operations including inventory and customer management services.
  4. Execute real-time energy efficiency events.
  5. Perform advanced data analytics.
For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter @ThinkEco and Facebook at

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