Cloud Partners in Embedded Wi-Fi


Exosite is focused on data monitoring and management for embedded devices. Our cloud data platform provides the tools to securely collect data from any remote source. We process and deliver filtered results to the end user - simply connect your device to our cloud data platform and begin receiving real time, actionable information anywhere, anytime, through powerful widgets on our website interface. Visit for more information.


Zatar is an Internet of Things applications enabler based on industry standards for secure and efficient device communication. Zatar is a new initiative from Zebra Technologies, the $3.5B revenue market leader in tracking and visibility solutions used by 95% of Fortune 1000 companies. Zatar provides simple tools for equipment manufacturers, enterprises and developers to connect their products to the Internet allowing for the collection, control and monitoring of real-time data from devices. Zatar and Gainspan together offer a truly scalable Cloud IoT module with embedded connectivity that uses standards-based IoT protocol, CoAP, which is supported in the Open Mobile Alliance Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) standard for machine-to-machine communication.

GainSpan-Zatar Press Release

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