Customer Products

Sentinel Power Wireless Energy Meter (Wi-Fi)

The Sentinel Sensors incorporates the latest low-power Wi-Fi sensing technology. This version includes a single or three-phase energy meter.

  • Establish the breakdown of energy use (where does it all go?)
  • Allocate energy wastes to users
  • Determine efficiency of equipment
  • Audit before & after energy use for retrofit projects
  • Manage the load profile (peak demand)
  • Maintenance and Enterprise Asset Management

Corintech Wi-Fi Temperature Sensors

The EL-WiFi Range

Our range of WiFi sensors currently allows you to monitor temperature and humidity but the range is growing and will soon include sensors with probes to increase the measurable temperature range and email and text alert capabilities. The EL-WiFi-TH measures temperature & humidity and the EL-WiFi-TP measures temperature with an external probe both are available now from our online store.

DataScan Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner

Datascan’s new Wi-Fi Barcode Scanner allows retailers to conduct inventory self-scanning and to communicate the details over Wi-Fi within seconds to a central database. Since inventory data is transmitted in real time, the new Wi-Fi scanner eliminates the need for employees to upload in bulk the stored data from the scanner and thus dramatically decreases inventory count times.

"Datascan has over 80,000 handheld scanners being used worldwide by retail companies doing self-inventory of their store stock. For our newestwireless scanners, we needed a connectivity solution that would work with wireless networks already installed at retailers, many of which were Wi-Fi, handle commercial grade encryption and, because they are battery-operated devices, consume as little power as possible” said Carter Graves, vice president of operations, Datascan. “After testing wireless solutions from a number of companies we decided that GainSpan Wi-Fi technology outperformed all the others.”


The ProScope Mobile is a wireless handheld digital microscope designed for use with your iPad, iPhone & iPod touch. With a high-quality CMOS sensor and universal lens mount, making it a powerful addition to any classroom, law enforcement agency, medical and manufacturing quality assurance.

Scalar Air Micro

Viewable live images with iPad / iPhone / iPod touch via Wi-Fi

It is a portable microscope with an Apple mobile device to view live images , freeze them and capture them to the Photo album of the device.

AirMicro and iPad / iPhone / iPod touch are connected via Wi-Fi and easy to use continuously at office, at home, in school, on trip, in the field wherever you wish.

Air Racer X RC Car

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