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Smartplug Application Development Kit (ADK)


The GainSpan Smartplug Application Development Kit (ADK) is a complete reference design that demonstrates a Smartplug application based on the GS1011M Wi-Fi modules and the associated embedded and mobile software suite. The Smartplug ADK allows users to add Wi-Fi connectivity to a regular plug and control electrical load using a web browser on a PC or a smartphone. It provides a complete suite of embedded and mobile reference applications greatly ease, and shorten, development time.
The Smartplug application consists of two functions:

  • Load Control to allow control of the load state (on/off)
  • Power Measurement which provides measurement of the following parameters: voltage, current, frequency, instantaneous power, accumulated power consumption and power factor.

The GainSpan Smartplug ADK includes the smartplug hardware, a complete hardware design package, embedded software running on the GainSpan Wi-Fi module, web application and mobile reference applications for iOS and Android based smartphones. An evaluation version of the ADK, the Smartplug Application Evaluation Kit (AEK) is also available that will include the smartplug hardware and binary-only software. 

The smartplug embedded software includes the smartplug application source code and Wi-Fi and networking stack binaries including mDNS/DNS-SD based discovery methods to discover devices and services available on the wireless network. The Smartplug mobile applications provide the graphical interface for controlling the electrical load and viewing electrical quantities in time series graphs on iOS or Android based smartphones. The smartplug mobile reference applications provide customers a foundation to rapidly build custom features suited to their end application.


  • Smartplug ADK consists of the smartplug hardware, complete hardware design package, complete software suite including embedded software and mobile reference apps
  • Smartplug AEK consists of the smartplug hardware and an evaluation, binary-only version of the software and iOS/Android mobile apps
  • Smartplug embedded application operates in both Limited AP and Infrastructure client modes
  • Smartplug embedded application exposes the SmartPlug resources using a HTTP server that cab be accessed by web and mobile applications
  • Smartplug embedded application advertises the smartplug application profile and allows automatic discovery by clients using mDNS/DNS-SD discovery methods
  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android) interact with the embedded application using discovery and HTTP APIs and show the current state of the Smartplug parameters and graphs of historical values collected during a session
  • Charting function to monitor voltage, current, power, frequency and power factor over time


The GainSpan Smartplug ADK includes a standard socket, single-phase 100-245V, 10A smartplug which uses a GainSpan GS1011M Wi-Fi module interfaced with the Prolific power measurement IC. The smartplug features the following components:




GainSpan Wi-Fi Module

GS1011M module streams smartplug data over Wi-Fi

Prolific PL7223

Prolific power measurement IC


Power Relays

Relay to turn load on/off


Power Supply Unit

Provides power to GainSpan Wi-Fi module and Prolific PL7223 IC

Serial Flash

Used for storage of provisioning or custom application web pages and/or backup firmware

Switches and Buttons

Manual Load Control button, WPS and Restore Backup Firmware


Indicates Power On, Operation mode (Limited AP or Client) and Run/Program mode

USB port

Used to power the board and upgrade firmware on the Wi-Fi module


The GND symbol on the schematics included in the ADK and AEK is NOT earth ground and is NOT safe to touch. The metal shield on the GainSpan module is NOT safe to touch. These are both connected to the AC Neutral power input. Touching this can cause severe electrical shock, resulting in serious injury or death. DO NOT connect test equipment grounds to the internal GND.

The USB voltage is isolated from the high voltage, and is safe to connect to a computer.





 Smartplug Embedded Firmware   Application

 Binary and Source

 Binary Only

 Smartplug Mobile Application for iOS/Android Smartphones

 Mobile Application and Source

 Mobile Application

 GainSpan Smartplug



 USB Cable



Note: Smart phone/device is not included in the ADK or AEK.


The GainSpan Smartplug may perform as a limited access point (Limited AP mode) or as a client within an existing network infrastructure (Client/Station mode). 

In Limited AP mode, the smartplug can connect with multiple smartphones (or PCs) as client/stations. When the smartplug is powered up in Limited AP mode, the clients can scan for all available wireless networks and select and connect to the smartplug Limited AP. Once the smartphone or PC has established connection with the GainSpan Smartplug, the mobile application discovers and selects a Smartplug service profile being advertised by the embedded application, and selects it to enable load control and display of electrical parameters. The mobile app also includes the charting function that displays these parameters in time series graphs.

In Client/Station mode, the GainSpan module and the smartphone connect to an AP as clients. The smartphone now discovers the smartplug embedded application profile, and upon selection, displays the electrical parameters and allows load control. The Client/Station mode supports the IEEE PS-Polling mode (consumption of 110uA in Sleep Mode on GS1011M) and is suitable for low-power applications.





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