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Evaluation Kit with GS1500M (802.11b/g/n) soldered down module

Product Overview

The Serial-to-Wi-Fi Evaluation Kit offers a quick and easy way for customers to evaluate the capabilities of GainSpan's GS1011 ultra-low power wireless system-on-a-chip and the Serial-to-Wi-Fi embedded software for Wi-Fi networks. The Serial-to-Wi-Fi embedded software enables faster time-to-market for new or legacy products that need to add Wi-Fi to their designs.

The Serial to Wi-Fi Evaluation Kit provides GainSpan's customers the mean to evaluate the capabilities of the GS1011 ultra-low power wireless system-on-a-chip and the Serial to Wi-Fi embedded software for Wi-Fi networks. The Serial to Wi-Fi embedded software allows devices and appliances manufacturers to easily add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products with minor impact on the host microcontroller firmware.

The Serial to Wi-Fi Evaluation Kit provides all the hardware and software necessary to quickly set up a serial (UART) based link to a PC or external microcontroller. In order to evaluate the ease of adding secure Wi-Fi communications to a product using GainSpan's AT command set, the kit includes all the software tools necessary for configuration of Serial-to-Wi-Fi and GS1011 modules, data transfer using "AT" command-set and protocol analyzer for validation of packet & frame fields.

The Serial to Wi-Fi Evaluation Kit enables GainSpan customers to develop software on their existing microcontrollers to support the "AT" command set, and connect it to the serial interface on the evaluation kit reference board.

The evaluation kits ship with serial-to-Wi-Fi binary pre-loaded. Additional binaries are included in the kit to download to the module for evaluating other features and capabilities such as Wi-Fi protected Setup (WPS), Enterprise Security (EAP), RF Testing and Temperature and Light Sensing (TLS).

Evaluation Kit Contents:
  • One GS1011M evaluation board with a serial to Wi-Fi application
  • Two 1.5V AA lithium batteries
  • One USB-to-serial cables for node provisioning and configuration via PC
  • One preconfigured 802.11b/g Access point
  • One USB memory stick containing GainSpan software and documentation


  • Easy in-field provisioning with WPS or embedded configuration web pages
  • Easy integration of Wi-Fi connectivity to devices with existing microcontroller serial interface
  • Minimal Serial to Wi-Fi "driver" footprint on host microcontroller and minor changes to existing host MCU firmware
  • Offloading of smaller host microcontrollers from the Wi-Fi and TCP/ IP networking
  • Simple AT commands for configuration and data communication
  • Support for over the air firmware updates on GS1011


  • Data Rates:
    • UART: Up to 921 Kbps
  • Embedded Web server & configuration web pages
  • SSL
    • TCP/UDP connections
    • DNS
    • Static IP or DHCP
  • 802.11 b/g connection
    • Infrastructure or ad hoc modes
  • Wi-Fi Security:
    • WEP, WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
  • Power Management Commands
  • Temperature and Light Sensor Application

GS1011 Reference Board Specifications

Radio Protocol IEEE 802.11b
Module GS1011MIP-EVB, GS1011MEP-EVB, GS1011MEE-DB
RF Output Power (Typical) 9 dBm with GS1011MIP-EVB
18 dBm with GS1011MEP-EVB or GS1011MEE-DB
RF Operating Frequency 2.4 - 2.497 GHz
Antenna Type PCB Trace Internal Antenna or u.FL connector for external Antenna
I/O Port 6-pin serial UART interface (15540 compatible)
DB9 RS232 Connector
Power Source Two 1.5 V Lithium Batteries with GS1011MIP-EVB or GS1011MEP-EVB
3.3V DC Power Adapter with GS1011MEE-DB

The evaluation kit enables quick evaluation of RF performance and range, power consumption and serial to Wi-Fi firmware. The evaluation kits include:

  • (1) GainSpan EVK2 evaluation board with soldered down 802.11b/g/n module and preloaded firmware with:
  • Serial to Wi-Fi Interface Application in flash
  • Embedded HTTP server with network configuration web pages in flash
  • (1) 802.11 Access Point
  • (1) USB to TTL Serial Cable
  • (2) AA Batteries
  • (1) USB Flash Drive

In addition to serial to Wi-Fi functionalities, binaries for temperature and light sensing applications are included to demonstrate capabilities to build sensor applications with GainSpan Wi-Fi modules and software.


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