As an NXP Proven Partner, GainSpan is committed to supporting its customers with hardware and reference code for NXP's most popular microcontrollers, microprocessors and platforms, including Kinetis, i.MX, and LPC families.


Kinetis/Kinetis L Platforms

Freedom Wi-Fi Shield

GainSpan offers a GS2000 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi Shield that can be mounted on a Freedom card and is compatible with the Arduino form factor. The shield is available with either the ultra-low power, high-speed GS2011M or GS2100M module.

  • Communicates with the Kinetis MCU through UART or high-speed SPI interfaces
  • Serial to Wi-Fi and IP to Wi-Fi solutions with Kinetis SDK.

Tower System Peripheral Modules

GainSpan’s ultra-low power GS2011M Wi-Fi peripheral module is designed for the Tower System.

  • Certified GS2011M 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module
  • Small reference code running on Kinetis MCUs
  • Ease of connectivity through UART and SPI interfaces
  • Serial to Wi-Fi and IP to Wi-Fi solutions with Kinetis SDK.

Tower cards based on the GS1500M (802.11b/g/n) and GS1011M (802.11b) Wi-Fi module are also available and can be found on the NXP site.

i.MX Platform

Wi-Fi SD Card for i.MX and LPC families

GainSpan offers an SD card based on the ultra-low power GS2100M 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi module. The SD card plugs into an i.MX6 Sabre board and interfaces through SDIO.
  • Offers both IP to Wi-Fi (stack running on i.MX) and Serial to Wi-Fi capabilities (stack running on GS2100M)
  • Application code runs on Linux on the i.MX.
  • MCU Firmware

    GainSpan provides drivers and reference code for the most popular NXP MCUs/MPUs including the Kinetis and i.MX family. Requiring as little as 2 KB of RAM and 6 KB of Flash, the reference code may be used with the IAR Embedded Workbench Kickstart Edition. Drivers and/or reference code are available for SDIO, UART and SPI interfaces. Two versions of the reference code are available:

    • IP to Wi-Fi, which uses the MQX Real Time TCP/IP Communication Suite (RTCS) powerful networking stack and services, or Linux, running on the NXP's host MCU.
    • Serial to Wi-Fi, where the networking stack and services are running on the GainSpan chip or module and hence offloading the host microcontroller.

    To download the reference code, please register on the GainSpan support portal

    iOS/Android apps

    iOS on the Apple App Store. An Android version is also available on the GainSpan support portal. The Wi-Fi sensor application allows LEDs on the NXP Freedom, Tower system, and i.MX development boards to be turned on/off using an iOS or Android-based smartphone or tablet. Similarly, the status of sensors located on the development boards, such as a 3-axis, temperature, light sensors, can be sent through Wi-Fi and graphically displayed on the smartphone. Source code for these applications is available on the GainSpan support portal.