Powertech Selects GainSpan Wi-Fi for New Residential Energy Management Solution

New system powered by GainSpan lets homeowners control and optimize energy usage wirelessly

SAN JOSE, CA - GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in ultra-low power Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things, announced that Powertech Industrial Co., Ltd., a leading Taiwanese power solutions manufacturer, has chosen GainSpan low power Wi-Fi modules for use in its Wi-Fi Power Village Energy Management Solution. The Power Village solution lets residential users monitor, control and optimize home energy usage wirelessly.

Powertech's Wi-Fi Energy Management system communicates energy data over Wi-Fi to a computer or smartphone. The user simply installs Wi-Fi enabled smart plugs wherever desired to control lighting, appliances, or other energy-consuming devices. By logging onto their energy dashboard, users can view energy consumption (watts, kilowatts, emissions and costs) in real time – and control it by turning devices on or off remotely. Devices can be grouped and rules set to turn appliances, for example, on/off in any sequence. Detailed energy consumption trend and cost analysis can be viewed from anywhere at any time to help homeowners optimize energy usage.

The Powertech system incorporates Cloudbeam software that lets users control and monitor devices through the cloud, or locally using iOS or Android based smartphones. The software includes smartphone apps for local control, Cloudbeam’s cloud solution for remote control via an infrastructure network, and APIs that allow device data and control to be available for integration over a dashboard, smartphone app or other application.

The Wi-Fi Energy Management System will initially be available in North America through BOSS CONTROLS, beginning in early 2013. Plans are in the works for worldwide distribution.

"Powertech's goal has been to push the envelope in terms of energy management. By using GainSpan Wi-Fi we're not only adding a new dimension to our residential systems that transforms the way consumers' access and manage energy usage, but we're also providing a system that is easy to set-up and install in the home, something other Wi-Fi solutions did not offer," said Frankie Chen, senior sales manager, Powertech. "GainSpan's technology provides easy Wi-Fi provisioning, firmware upgrading over-the-air and support for mobile application software."

Inside the Powertech Smart Plug is GainSpan's GS1011MEPS Wi-Fi module which allows fast development of Wi-Fi enabled devices. It has a full Wi-Fi stack including WPS for easy provisioning, 802.11i WPA/WPA2 wireless security, web browser and mobile app based provisioning software for easy setup and configuration in Limited AP or Client/Station modes, over-the-air firmware update, and optional networking stack and services. The module has an ultra-low power SoC that consumes a few µA of standby current and goes from standby to active mode in just ms, making it ideal for battery-operated devices requiring long life.

"Powertech's new energy management system, with its Wi-Fi enabled Smart Plug, illustrates our combined commitment to develop and deliver advanced solutions for the Internet of Things," said Bernard Aboussouan, vice president of marketing, GainSpan. "We look forward to continue powering next generation Powertech products that let consumers take control of their energy usage--and costs."

About Powertech

Established in 2000, Powertech is a leading power solutions manufacturer with a diverse power-related product line that ranges from surge protection to power management. The company’s products are marketed around the world, including North America, Europe and Australia. Headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, Powertech is on the Taiwan Stock Exchange Co. www.power-tech.com.tw.

About GainSpan Corporation

GainSpan, a spinoff of Intel Corporation, is an innovator and leader in semiconductor solutions for wireless connectivity for the rapidly emerging Internet of Things. GainSpan solutions let customers easily create connected products for the Connected Home, Smart Energy, healthcare/fitness, control/monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets and high-speed audio, video and security applications. GainSpan is a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance® and the ZigBee Alliance. www.gainspan.com. www.gainspan.com.