TANITA Chooses GainSpan Modules for First Wi-Fi connected Body Composition Monitor

New body composition monitors to be demonstrated at CEATEC 2011, Japan

SAN JOSE, CA - GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in ultra-low power Wi-Fi for the Internet of Things, announced today that TANITA Corporation, the world leader in precision scales and body composition analyzers, has selected GainSpan ultra-low power embedded Wi-Fi modules for the development of its first Wi-Fi connected body composition monitor. A prototype of the new consumer monitor will be on display at CEATEC 2011, October 4 – 8, in Japan, in the TANITA booth.

TANITA's Wi-Fi connected body composition monitor will communicate multiple readings over Wi-Fi within seconds to a computer or smart phone. In addition to measuring weight, the monitor will measure Bone Mass, Body Water, Visceral Fat Level, Muscle Mass, BMR and Metabolic Age. For consumers, it will provide an easy, convenient way to view and record fitness activities and trends and to share them with family and friends.

"With the proliferation of Wi-Fi in the home, incorporating the technology in our consumer monitors was a priority. We selected GainSpan because of their ultra-low power technology solution. Such a solution is essential for our battery-operated devices where power consumption is critical," said Toshinori UCHIDA, vice General Manager Best Weight Department at TANITA. "We also found GainSpan modules easy to integrate and competitively priced compared to other Wi-Fi solutions."

The Wi-Fi module inside TANITA's body composition monitor is GainSpan's GS1011MIP which enables fast development of Wi-Fi enabled devices. It includes a full Wi-Fi stack including WPS for easy provisioning, Over-The-Air firmware update, optional networking stack and services and 802.11i security. The Wi-Fi module also features an ultra-low power SoC that consumes just a few µA of standby current and goes from standby to active mode in just a few ms, making it ideal for battery operated devices requiring years of battery life.

"TANITA has a more than 60-year history of innovation in the health and fitness market; we're proud to collaborate to continue this record of innovation," said Greg Winner, President and CEO of GainSpan. "We see increasing demand for Wi-Fi enabled consumer products. Wi-Fi is already installed in most homes, consumers are familiar with it and they find it easy to use and install. It's the perfect vehicle for personal health and fitness devices."

About TANITA Corporation

TANITA Corporation has been a world leader in precisions scales for more than 60 years, and has a strong presence in medical, education, fitness, and commercial and consumer markets. TANITA's performance, innovation and durability are trusted worldwide. TANITA's dedication to helping people enjoy healthier lives has led to the development of products that take innovative design one step further by providing added value and precision. TANITA has production facilities in the Far East. The company was founded in 1923 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan with overseas subsidiary companies in the United States, Holland, Hong Kong, China and India. www.tanita.com/en/

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