GainSpan Announces Concurrent Mode on its Wi-Fi Modules

Allows One-Step Provisioning and Uninterrupted Field Operations

San Jose, CA - GainSpan® Corporation, a leader in wireless connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces that its Wi-Fi solutions now feature concurrent mode, which allows devices using GS2000-based modules to operate in Wi-Fi station and Access Point (AP) modes simultaneously, instead of requiring two radios. This capability enables Wi-Fi IoT products to be easier to provision, use, maintain and upgrade.

GainSpan's patented concurrent mode is made possible by utilizing the powerful dual core architecture of the GS2000 chip, along with extensive SRAM, and crypto engines for WPA2-PSK personal and enterprise security. In concurrent mode, the GS2000 can operate on different channels while in Station and AP mode, and support up to 64 client connections in AP mode.

Concurrent mode is especially useful when provisioning an IoT device. With other Wi-Fi solutions, when the device switches from an AP mode while connected to a smartphone for provisioning to a station mode to connect to the Wi-Fi router or the cloud, the user does not get feedback on the success of the connection. To resolve this, some providers add a Bluetooth Smart/Low Energy (BLE) radio along with Wi-Fi, so that BLE connects to the smartphone while the Wi-Fi connection is used to connect the device to the AP. With GainSpan’s concurrent mode, Bluetooth Smart is not required for this, as the connections to the AP and the smartphone are maintained concurrently, providing feedback to the user.

Also ideal for service technicians, concurrent mode allows them to perform diagnostics or upgrade firmware on a device from a local smartphone or PC (AP mode) without interrupting the normal device connection to the AP or cloud (Station mode).

"Our concurrent mode operation adds to an expanding list of patented Wi-Fi based technologies and enables a single module to maintain connections on two networks concurrently," said Brent Little, VP of Marketing. "This in turn enables our customers to provide products that are easier to setup and maintain as well as architect Wi-Fi solutions that would otherwise not be practical."

Concurrent mode can be leveraged in closed sensor/control networks using standard Wi-Fi protocols and security and ensures reliable communication.


Concurrent Mode is featured in GainSpan’s 5.2.0 firmware for the GS2000-based modules, which are available through GainSpan authorized distributors.

About GainSpan Corporation

GainSpan, a spinoff of Intel Corporation, is an innovator and leader in semiconductor solutions for wireless connectivity for the rapidly emerging Internet of Things. GainSpan's solutions let customers easily create connected products for smart homes, health and fitness, audio and video applications, and control and monitoring in commercial, industrial applications, and smart cities. Its broad portfolio includes ultra-low-power Wi-Fi modules and chips, embedded software including an extensive networking stack, application reference designs and apps for iOS and Android, development tools, and an expanding network of partner solutions.