We partner with companies we trust, that have demonstrated expertise in their domain, and share our passion in developing joint IoT solutions. Our partnerships include leading MCU and other semiconductor or technology companies, design houses, ODMs and cloud companies.

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Analog Devices

Analog Devices and GainSpan jointly developed a reference design for an application development kits (ADK) that can be used in audio/music applications.

Analog Devices is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits used in virtually all types of electronic equipment. It enables customers to interpret the world by intelligently bridging the physical and digital with unmatched technologies that sense, measure and connect.


Climax Technology

Climax Technology Co., Ltd. has developed hardware and software around GainSpan’s GS2000-based modules for video applications.

Climax Technology was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1985. For nearly three decades, Climax has applied its expertise in telecommunications and radio frequency (RF) technologies to the innovation and manufacturing of wireless home security systems, medical alarms, home automation systems, IP cameras, and an extensive range of accessories. Its products are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house. As a member of the ZigBee and Z-Wave Alliances, Climax has become a leading supplier of security and telecare solutions in the American, European and Asian markets.


Geo Semiconductor

Geo Semiconductor provides programmable, high performance camera video processors. Geo Semiconductor and GainSpan developed jointly a reference design or application development kit (ADK) for video applications.

GEO Semiconductor Inc. is a semiconductor and software company and inventor of the eWARP® geometric processing technology. GEO provides innovative geometric processing, image signal processing and video compression solutions to address camera and projection products including automotive cameras, head-up displays, security IP camera, smartphone peripherals, projectors and consumer cloud cameras. GEO has operations in San Jose, Toronto, Orlando, and Bangalore, and sales channels around the world.



Microsemi has partnered with GainSpan to provide reference designs and ADKs for full duplex video applications.

Microsemi Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor and system solutions for communications, defense & security, aerospace and industrial markets. Products include high-performance and radiation-hardened analog mixed-signal integrated circuits, FPGAs, SoCs and ASICs; power management products; timing and synchronization devices and precise time solutions, setting the world’s standard for time; voice processing devices; RF solutions; discrete components; enterprise storage and communication solutions, security technologies and scalable anti-tamper products; Ethernet solutions; Power-over-Ethernet ICs and midspans; as well as custom design capabilities and services. Microsemi is headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., and has 4,800 employees globally.



Omnivision Technologies and GainSpan developed jointly several reference designs or application development kits (ADK) for video applications.

OmniVision Technologies is a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions. Its award-winning CMOS imaging technology enables superior image quality in many of today's consumer and commercial applications, including mobile phones, notebooks, netbooks and webcams, security and surveillance, entertainment, digital still and video cameras, automotive and medical imaging systems.


On Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor and GainSpan developed jointly a reference designs or application development kits (ADK) for video applications that uses On Semiconductor image sensors.

ON Semiconductor is a leading supplier of semiconductor-based solutions, with a portfolio of energy-efficient power and signal management, logic, standard and custom devices. Its products help engineers solve design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, medical and military/aerospace applications. ON Semiconductor operates a responsive, world-class supply chain and quality program, with manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers throughout North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.




GainSpan's Wi-Fi chips integrate licensed cores from ARM (2 Cortex M3 on GS2000).

ARM designs technology at the heart of the world's most advanced digital products. Its scalable, energy-efficient processor designs and related technologies deliver intelligence wherever computing happens, ranging from sensors to servers, including smartphones, tablets, digital TVs, enterprise infrastructure and the IoT.


Express Logic

GainSpan uses ThreadX as RTOS and a derivative of NETX Duo from Express Logic as the basis for our networking stack.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Express Logic offers the most advanced run-time solution for deeply embedded applications, including the popular ThreadX® RTOS, the high-performance NetX™ TCP/IP stack, the FileX® embedded MS-DOS compatible file system, the new GUIX™ GUI development toolkit, and the USBX™ Host/Device USB protocol stack. Express Logic products include full source-code and have no run-time royalties.



GainSpan uses IAR's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in its software development kit when customers develop their application codes on the GainSpan chip or module (Hostless Solution).

IAR Systems provides developers of embedded systems with world-leading software tools for developing competitive products based on 8-, 16-, and 32-bit processors. Established in Uppsala, Sweden in 1983, the company has headquarters in Sweden and sales and support offices in the US, Brazil, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France, and the UK, and distributors in 30 additional countries.



Micrium has developed µC/TCP-IP reference code/ driver on some microcontrollers to interface with GS2000-based chips and modules. Customers may choose to use Micrium µC/OS and µC/TCP-IP networking stack in an IP to Wi-Fi solution.

Micrium is a global RTOS leader for microprocessor-, microcontroller- and DSP-based devices. µC/OS is the leading commercial RTOS for embedded systems, and features a wide array of connectivity options. Micrium products are suited to embedded vertical markets, with solutions certified to meet rigorous safety-critical standards for industries such as medical electronics, avionics and industrial controls.




As an NXP Proven Partner, GainSpan builds hardware development boards to interface with NXP development platforms as well as reference application code to interface with most NXP MCUs including the LPC17xx, LPC18xx, LPC 40xx, LPC43xx families of MCUs, plus the Kinetis and i.MX.

NXP Semiconductors N.V. enables secure connections and infrastructure for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the secure connected vehicle, end-to-end security & privacy and smart connected solutions markets. Built on more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise, the company has 45,000 employees in more than 35 countries.



As a Renesas Partner, GainSpan provides hardware development boards to interface with Renesas development platforms as well as reference application code to interface with most Renesas MCU's, including the Renesas Synergy platform, the RZ, the RX, the SH and the RL78 families of MCUs.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation, the world's number one supplier of microcontrollers, Renesas Electronics America Inc. is a premiere supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions and a broad range of analog and power devices, as well as LCD modules, for the Americas' market.



Circal Engineering

Circal Engineering has developed hardware and software around GainSpan’s GS2000-based modules for music and audio applications.

Circal Engineering Inc. is a design engineering firm providing core expertise in electronic product design and development, specializing in high-end audio electronics. Scope of services include product design and development from concept through to product delivery. Circal Engineering is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



Epigon has developed hardware and software around GS2000-based modules for music and audio applications.

Epigon Media Technologies provides cutting-edge research and development to create low- cost, high-quality solutions for the multimedia market, specifically broadband and broadcast multimedia end client products. A privately funded company based in Bangalore that was founded in 2000, it offers software and hardware solutions for speech, audio and video applications.


Future Designs, Inc. (FDI)

FDI has developed Wi-Fi adapter boards and MCU reference codes to interface with our GS2000- based modules. GainSpan’s Wi-Fi drivers for several popular Renesas and NXP microcontrollers are also included in FDI’s open source uEZ / FreeRTOS libraries.

FDI is a full-service design and production company with hardware, software, mechanical and system expertise. Its ELI™ and uEZ™ GUI Family of products for Touch Screen LCD GUI and HMI applications provide solutions that allows customers to quickly and cost effectively upgrade their User Interfaces. Products are available with LCD's from 3.5" to 15.0", resistive touch and PCAP options. FDI is a NXP/Philips Authorized Design Consultant, a member of the Freescale Design Alliance Program, and a Renesas Platinum Alliance Partner.



North Pole Engineering (NPE) had developed hardware and software around our GS2000-based modules.

NPE, Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a provider of embedded technology solutions for a broad range of industries. The company specializes in advanced technologies that combine hardware and software disciplines to provide low-cost, low-power solutions to the OEM marketplace. A vertically integrated electrical engineering company, it specializes in ASIC, FPGA and embedded microprocessor-based hardware and software design.



VVDN has developed hardware and software around GainSpan’s GS2000-based modules for video applications.

VVDN (Voice Video Data Networking) is a technology Innovation company that provides a broad spectrum of services and design solutions in the domains of embedded system, telecom, networking, wireless and green energy. As a provider of end-to-end product design capability, VVDN has helped define, develop and deploy carrier network equipment, industrial and surveillance cameras, routers and switches, location-based systems and others as turnkey solutions.




AboCom Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures numerous GainSpan modules.

A publicly held telecommunications company founded in 1995 and headquartered in HsinChu Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan, AboCom focuses on the design, development and manufacture of various RF/Microwave and networking solutions. It provides a wide range of Wi-Fi Router and Access Point selections, as well as ODM services. The options include latest 11ac technology, and 3G/4G LTE integrations, Power Over Ethernet (802.3af), & High Power RF design. AboCom's quality assurance process has been certified ISO9001/ISO14001, OHSAS18001 and conformed RoHS, WEEE, and SONY Green Partner.



Defond designs and manufactures industrial control products such as PV inverters, heat pumps and meters, based on GS2000 modules.

Defond is a world-class supplier of components for various industrial applications and headquartered in Hong Kong with facilities in Italy, Germany, and China (Dongguan, Guangdong Province). Defond has become a reputed supplier of components for home appliances and various industrial applications and serves global clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.



Delta designs and manufactures numerous GainSpan modules and products for our customers.

Founded in 1971, Delta is a professional RF (IoT) product contract manufacturer that focuses on high density SMT & SiP RF module miniaturization. The global company provides not only hardware manufacturing but also firmware, software and cloud integration services, and features a world-class quality management system to ensure product and service quality.



Gemtek designs and manufactures thermostats and other products based on GainSpan chips and modules.

Founded in 1991, Gemtek provides wireless broadband solutions, offering a wide range of solutions from residential to business. As one of the earliest companies who provided WLAN products, Gemtek utilizes its core competency in RF/Microwave design, software engineering, and manufacturing excellence to bring products to market quickly and economically. It has formed strong strategic alliances with chipset manufacturers worldwide.



Lite-On designs and manufactures numerous GainSpan modules.

Lite-On Technology is a leading provider of innovative products including imaging products, enclosures, power supplies and LEDs. Lite-On's distinguished reputation has its beginnings in the Taiwan LED industry, where it ranked number one for the past 30 years. Among Lite-On's many LED products, photocouplers occupy a 14% market share globally. Lite-On is also the world’s largest notebook adapter manufacturer, holding a 60% global market share. Other major products include projector power supplies, phone camera modules, keyboards, and enclosures.



POWERTECH designs and manufactures products such as smart plugs based on GainSpan modules.

Established in 2000, POWERTECH is a leading power solutions manufacturer with a diverse power-related product line that ranges from surge protection to power management. Its worldwide market territory includes North America, Europe, and Australia. A publicly held company, POWERTECH thrives on developing new technologies and integrated solutions for power-related products.



VVDN has developed hardware and software around GainSpan’s GS2000-based modules for video applications.

VVDN (Voice Video Data Networking) is a technology Innovation company that provides a broad spectrum of services and design solutions in the domains of embedded system, telecom, networking, wireless and green energy. As a provider of end-to-end product design capability, VVDN has helped define, develop and deploy carrier network equipment, industrial and surveillance cameras, routers and switches, location-based systems and others as turnkey solutions.




Arrayent provides an IoT platform that enables trusted consumer brands to quickly and securely deliver connected products and systems to market. By transforming traditional products into connected devices, Arrayent helps manufacturing customers develop new opportunities and lucrative channels for new, innovative products. The Arrayent Connect Platform provides an end-to-end solution from device agents to cloud services to mobile app SDKs to IoT-enable products and devices through smartphone and web apps. By managing transactions between apps and devices in the cloud, the Arrayent Connect Platform creates unified connection capabilities that deliver scalable and reliable services.


Bug Labs

Bug Labs is a top-tier venture backed, NYC-based, high-technology startup. The BUG is a wireless product development platform, consisting of a collection of easy-to-use, open source hardware modules, each capable of producing one or more Web services. These modules snap together physically and the services connect together logically to enable users to easily build, program and share innovative devices and applications. With BUG, businesses can take advantage of a complete, integrated device development environment, enabling them to produce a proof-of-concept with a rich ecosystem of hardware, software and web services - giving the power to go from prototype to production twice as fast at half the cost.



Exosite, is a leading cloud-based IoT platform provider with offices in the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. Exosite enables the world’s leading durable goods manufacturers in consumer, commercial, and industrial markets to quickly build and deploy solutions that capture the IoT generation of business. Exosite provides an enterprise-grade, analytics-driven IoT platform that allows OEMs to create economic leverage while eliminating the risk and burden of custom infrastructure.


IntelliVision Technologies

IntelliVision Technologies is a market leader in intelligent video analytic and smart camera solutions. IntelliVision provides video analytics solutions for several markets including Smart Home/IoT, Security, Smart Retail Business, big data analytics, and video search. Its products are used by Fortune 500 companies, the US Government, and many leading brands. IntelliVision provides patent licenses for over 100+ patents (granted and pending) worldwide, making it one of the strongest, patent-protected solutions. IntelliVision is headquartered in Silicon Valley, San Jose, California with offices in Asia and Europe.