Getting Connected with Wi-Fi has never been easier

Start with low power chip technology, then build on it, with innovative architecture that takes care of the Wi-Fi and IP connectivity and offloads your application processor, and what do you get? A line of products that offers simplicity, ultra-low power, and fast design turnarounds - at the lowest possible cost - GainSpan Embedded Wi-Fi.

We'll keep you unplugged but well connected, whatever your requirements. Our Wi-Fi family for embedded systems designers includes a broad portfolio of state-of the art low-power Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/Thread chips and modules, embedded and serial to Wi-Fi software, as well as complete solutions and application development kits.

The newest member of our family is the GS2000, the industry’s first Wi-Fi/Thread chip. This smart combination makes it possible, for example, for a device to talk to smart meters using Thread while also talking to a wide variety of appliances and other devices in a home area network using Wi-Fi. With the GS2000, device and appliance manufacturers no longer have to design for one or the other protocols, but can use the same SOC to develop a design that supports either Thread and/or Wi-Fi, with IPv4 or IPv6, all in the same product—at no additional cost.

By incorporating the two standards (Wi-Fi and Thread), which support both IPv4 and IPv6 devices, the GS2000 extends IP connectivity everywhere. Wi-Fi brings local connectivity to the smartphone and remote connectivity through the Internet. It leverages the extensive installed base of Wi-Fi access points as well as hotspots. Thread extends the reach of IP to more battery-operated devices, through the use of smaller channelization and meshing.

The GS2000 is a highly integrated System on a Chip (SoC) containing multi-standard RF as well as 802.11b/g/n PHY/MAC functionality, dual ARM® Cortex®® -M3 processors, networking stack and services, large memory size and multimode capabilities including support for Station/Client Mode, Limited Access Point, Wi-Fi Direct™, and Wi-Fi Direct with concurrent mode. It offers "best-in-class" RF performance, throughput and features while further improving GainSpan’s lead in low-power consumption and comprehensive network stack and services.

In addition to the GS2000 family, GainSpan also offers the low power GS1011 Wi-Fi SoC and IEEE 802.11b, 802.11b/g/n and 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band certified modules. Our module families eliminate the cost and complexity typically associated with adding Wi-Fi, while delivering low power. Designers can add Wi-Fi connectivity to any 8 – 32 bit microcontroller—quickly and easily.

Additionally, a key component of GainSpan’s solution is its software supporting a large suite of networking (e.g. UDP, TCP/IP, ARP, DHCP client/server, DNS client/server, HTTP(S) client/server, XML encoding and decoding for RESTful architecture support) and security protocols (WPA/WPA2-Personal or Enterprise, and SSL). The software suite extends all the way to the application layer in some vertical market segments, such as in smart energy with SEP2.0.

Development and evaluation kits, tools and software - take your pick. Everything you need to easily evaluate, develop and deploy with GainSpan is at your fingertips.

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