Certified Wi-Fi Modules

We made it easy to get to market quickly –
thanks to certification.

We're committed to helping you get to market quickly. And to ensuring industry interoperability and the best experience for Wi-Fi users. That's why GainSpan embedded Wi-Fi modules are fully certified -- through several worldwide regulatory bodies and the Wi-Fi Alliance®.

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A major consideration for customers is regulatory certification. With GainSpan, you will have a significant advantage as all our Wi-Fi modules are regulatory certified - in advance. By pre-certifying our Wi-Fi modules we've removed the most costly and time consuming portion of the testing and certification burden, enabling customers to focus on their core competency, not on regulatory certification.

To date, GainSpan Wi-Fi modules comply with all European Union (ETSI), CE, RoHS, USA (FCC), Japan, and Canada (IC) regulatory certifications. With our pre-certified modules customers can save up to $60,000 as well as critical engineering time and effort.

GainSpan is also committed to tested and certified compliance with key industry standards from the Wi-Fi Alliance. That's why all GainSpan modules bear the Wi-Fi Alliance® CERTIFIED seal of approval. Our modules are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED for WPA™ and WPA2™ as well as WMM® and all EAP types including EAP-TTLS, PEAPv0, PEAPv1 and EAP-FAST. Wi-Fi certification ensures our modules meet IEEE 802.11 industry standards for interoperability, security, ease of installation and reliability. The result: faster time to market, minimization of risks and reduced costs when developing embedded Wi-Fi enabled devices.

In addition, our GS1011M modules are certified for Wi-Fi Protected Set-up™ 2.0, the Wi-Fi Alliance's latest enhanced specification that makes it easy for Wi-Fi client devices to associate and authenticate for an access point. This certification ensures customers that devices and appliances using the GS1011M modules are easy to provision and can securely attach to WPS™ certified Access Points (AP), which represent the majority of the installed base of APs and most, if not all, the APs shipping today. We make the path to Wi-Fi easy.

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