GainSpan Low Power Wi-Fi
Embedded Sensor Node Software

The GainSpan embedded sensor node software is a comprehensive platform for developing applications for the GS1011 low power Wi-Fi single chip. It simplifies and speeds up customer software development and deployment times. It provides all the building blocks needed for a complete low power Wi-Fi sensor node solution.

The software includes a comprehensive yet simple set of APIs that abstracts the hardware complexity and embedded software and that optimizes power management, system management, and configuration, security, IPv4 network, and the SNMP stack for a complete system solution for low power Wi-Fi sensors based on GainSpan's GS1011.

The GainSpan embedded software consists of wireless LAN firmware (WLAN FW) and application firmware (APP FW). Each runs on a dedicated ARM7 core within the device. The WLAN FW is provided in binary format, while the APP FW comes in linkable object and source format.

The WLAN FW contains:

  • An 802.11 MAC/PHY and baseband driver functionality

The APP FW contains:

  • About 60 APIs for managing and configuring / communicating with the device
  • An IPv4 network and SNMP management stack (TCP/IP/ARP/DHCP)
  • 802.11i security (WPA2-PSK) and EAPFAST authentication
  • Low-footprint, reliable, and fast RTOS
  • System services for control, power, and network management functionality
  • I/O drivers to interact with external devices

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