GainSpan Serial to Wi-Fi Software

Complete Turnkey Application for Adding Wi-Fi
Capability to Devices

GainSpan Serial to Wi-Fi Software Diagram

The near ubiquitous nature of Wi-Fi access points and devices points to the tremendous opportunity inherent in connecting not only computers, but devices, to the internet via Wi-Fi. GainSpan's Serial to Wi-Fi Software (S2W) can make any device a Wi-Fi device, enabling it to join the huge and growing Wi-Fi network of things now spreading like wildfire throughout the business world. The advance of Wi-Fi networking, machine-to-machine technologies, and particularly low power Wi-Fi semiconductor solutions that enable devices to run for years on very little power have combined to overturn the way business is done. Wi-Fi sensor networks are now being used in many applications, such as asset tracking, building automation, home area networks, and patient monitoring.

GainSpan's Serial to Wi-Fi Software provides a quick and easy way to add Wi-Fi capability to billions of devices, turning them into communicating devices. Providing a very quick path to development and market, GainSpan's S2W Software allows an external microcontroller to access a Wi-Fi network via a serial connection to the GainSpan GS1011 SOC (system-on-chip), the lowest power consuming Wi-Fi semiconductor solution in the industry.


Make any device a Wi-Fi device with GainSpan's
Serial to Wi-Fi Software

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